Friday, June 8, 2012

Digital Filipino Club Seminar on E-Commerce @ Azalea Residences in Baguio City


The Digital Filipino club headed by Ms. Janette Toral  held their 1st Seminar on E-commerce and I am too lucky to be one of the blogger being chosen to be on their trip in Baguio in cooperation with Azalea Residences. I am glad  to meet and mingle with  bloggers of their own niches and experiences.

It was a long and somehow exhausting trip due to some delays like traffics and routes that I am not too familiar with but somehow  as we arrived that morning of June 5, 2012  we have been amazed and stunned by where we will stay, work and dined.

Azalea Residences :

Here are some of their 1st Class Facilities and Functions:



A touch of class and grandeur we saw upon entering the Hostel by 12 am June 5, 2012.


Our group has been so excited and somehow stunned to see the very lucrative style of the the said venue


A warmed welcome and courteous personnel we encounter during checking-in and an International touch of class facilities.


Their lobby where they welcome and assist their guest.

IMG_2667        IMG_2847

The bar and function rooms where entertainment and where personal and business meetings are held.




IMG_2742       IMG_2743

A Big Tent where events and a capacity of  250 to 300 people may convened.


IMG_2784                  IMG_2619


IMG_2660        IMG_2625

Rooms of three (3) separate bedrooms with two (2) Toilet & Bathrooms and  with Kitchen facilities where we stayed and rest for two consecutive days and nights.


A Business Center where Internet Connections and other paper works are processed.

IMG_2689.        IMG_2692

A meeting room that will cater 30 to 50 people where we held our two day workshop.

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Things that I’ve learned from Workshop Proper :

IMG_2705       IMG_2712

On the 1st day different models of Internet businesses  was being discussed and talked about. How they achieved and continue to be on the top of the ranking ect.


The 2nd day is about the implementations and processed on how we can have a good and detailed things  to do  to make our business or brands more profitable  and successful.  Specifically through the Business model charts that has been discussed and taught through our group workshop.

Here as Bloggers, we learned that more than personal and event blogging’s there are many ways to make it more profitable and realized that it can be a career for each and every kind of business, entrepreneurs, and even simple  individual  for that matter.


And this are the components that has been taught and that struck me in which I really like to ponder and act upon.


Glimpse of Place’s  we’ve visited:


IMG_2791        IMG_2863


 IMG_2887       IMG_2886


  IMG_2858       IMG_2890


  IMG_2875       IMG_2945


IMG_2981                    IMG_2809


IMG_2896          IMG_2894


  1. wow this is nice. hope that I was with you guys but I need to choose what will I prioritize. Would you know the room rates of the hotel if you could email me would be appreciated.

  2. thanks corrine, you can check it through the links, and will surely email you the rates asap.

  3. it's a wonderful place,I wanted to visit this when we'll go to baguio.Dapat sinama mo kami...

    1. thanks mimi, you should spend your dollar remittance here in this place, maybe next time around makasama ka na.

  4. nice venue, we must visit this place.

    1. thanks sir wilem, your company should check this place for your seminars and outings.

  5. Corrine this is Azalea Rates

    Kuya Mac I am looking forward to the next Digital Filipino Workshop in Palawan!

    1. Same here cha, let's just hope that we'll be included too.

  6. Having an experience like this with fellow bloggers is really worth treasure. Looking forward to be at Baguio with love ones soon:)

    1. hi mac, i can't post a comment so I will just reply here on laid's post :-)

      nice place I want to check that out when we go back to Baguio, thanks for sharing info about blogging, I wish I can attend out of town blogger event in the future

    2. Hi nash, It's a very nice Hotel and you should try to experience it. Maybe next time you try to register and hope that you will be included.

    3. Yes Laids, you're certainly right, you deserve to have vacation and if ever you can visit the place and check it for yourself. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Thanks for sharing some relevant information on business blogging. I'm sure the conference was not only informative but relaxing!

    1. Thanks Joy, Yes you're right the place is very conducive for learning and relaxing at the same time.

  8. That looks like a special treat. Vacation to work. If I can blog for E Commerce, I will love to have experience like that.

    1. Thanks Josh, yes specially having a good sponsor like Azalea. Just keep on registering on out of town events.

  9. I've been wanting to attend Blogger events like this one but I always fail!

    I wish there'd be one arranged in Subic soon!

    1. Who's Mitch is this? Just try to register to out of town events. Thanks for your comment.