Sunday, December 4, 2016

Blushing Beauty back to back with Chemworld Fragrance Factory by Skinstation Opens another Branch at SM Trece Martirez

Last week, Blushing Beauty back to back with Chemworld Fragrance Factory opened their new branches at the SM Trece Martirez and continues to be the leading shops and services among'st those that are within their sphere of influence and  specialties.

Blushing Beauty by SkinStation , is a skin care clinic that offers luxurious yet affordable services , innovative products and an Instagrammable store professionally designed by Manila's sought after Interior Design Firm, Heim Interiors. It is a new concept store developed for the young, value-conscious for the millenials. Blushing  Beauty is a fitting follow up to their highly successful SkinStation, now with 33 branches nationwide..

Tht Blushing Beauty product line offers a wide range of fun, trendy and innovative skin care and cosmetic line engineered with the latest International formulations. They are professionally formulated by a multi-awarded chemist, SkinStation and Blushing Beauty founder Mr. Fred Reyes..Strengthened by the science of nano encapsulation to enhance efficacy and optimal absorption.

Blushing Beauty products make you Selfie-ready All the Time.

Back to back opening at SM Trece Martirez is Chemworld Fragrance Factory that sets the standards of Perfume Making and teaching many of doing their own business through this kind of  venture.

Established in 2004, Chemworld Fragrance Factory is your one stop-shop for all your perfumery needs, with hundreds of fragrance oils and essential oils, a wide selection of perfume bottles and boxes and raw materials that will fit every fragrance application. They have graphic artists who prints custom labels which is an important aspect of having your own brand of fragrance perfumes. They are proud to be the leading center for their hands on fragrance workshops where they teach step by step procedures on how to blend and sell your own perfumes.

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