Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goldilock's Bakebook Gets an Updated Volume on it's 50th Year

Yesterday, November 29, 2016 , Goldilocks had a book launched on its 50th year , The Goldilocks Bakebook in National Bookstore Glorietta Makati. The program was being graced by different partner companies and most of their Media partners.


Five new pastries and cake,  flavors were specially mentioned added and a lot more to enjoy and bake together with the known variants in the recent 2011 collections being   released by Goldilocks. The crowd enjoyed tasting and giving the attention to this new flavors they have.

Goldilocks has been celebrating its 50 Golden Years with numerous activities. . Thus far , these activities have included charity events with their endorsers Liza Soberano and Judy Ann Santos. A birthday caravan that travelled across the nation, highly successful promotions that bridged the gap between online and offline engagement, and the recently concluded National Cake Day.

As the proverbial icing on the cake, Goldilocks has now released an updated 50th Anniversary Edition of its best-selling Goldilock's Bakebook.

Indeed, for an Iconic Filipino brand that exemplifies Pinoy entrepreneural spirit , innovation and the adaptability to fulfill changing needs, a lot can happen in 5 years.  Since the first volume of the Goldilocks Bakebook  was launched last 2011, consumer trends and customer engagement have changed dramatically. Even so, Goldilocks has strengthened  its position as the Philippines "bes
t-loved bakeshop", by seamlessly integrating timeless products and services with emerging tastes and preferences.

In time with the Christmas Holiday, this updated volume contains new insights about Goldilocks Bakeshop, its history, and what it means to the Filipino. Likewise, more than 50 recipes are included to create sweet and delightful moments in your own kitchen.

The Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Edition Bakebook is now available in National Bookstores nationwide. Grab a personal copy , or as a gift for family and friends for only P895. For more information about Goldilocks and the Goldilocks Bakebook, visit their website at

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