Monday, October 31, 2016

SkinStation launched their new Jeju Aloe back to back with the Blessing of their 33rd Branch

Last Saturday , October 29, 2016  SkinStation opened its newest branch in Century Mall Makati. They presently have 33 branches in the Philippines and will open more soon as they aimed to address the growing skin care needs of urban sophisticates all over the country.Whether you are considering laser treatments or any of their signature facials, their goal is to provide customers with personalized treatments to reveal your best skin.

For the Skin Smart write up of Mr. Fred Reyes , founder , president and chemist scientist of dermax products,  entitled Caring for your Elbows, Knees and Heels, He further explains that Dark elbows and knees , and rough heels can keep you from wearing your favorite tops, miniskirts, and flip flops. These are often the most neglected areas of the body yet they need the most Tender Loving Care. Our elbows, knees , and heels appear darker, thicker, and rougher than the rest of our skins body. This skin concern is very common in people with darker, thicker, and rougher than the rest of your body. This skin concern is very common in people with darker skin tones , like us Asians, because we produce more melanin pigment.

Consider also that these areas have no oil glands, making them feel so dry and rough. Plus, your elbows and knees are always being stretche and contracted making them more susceptible to wrinkling and sagging.

So how do we care for our elbows, knees and heels? Exfoliation is the first step to caring for these neglected areas. It will speed up turnover of top skin layer to uncover clearer skin and get smoother feel. It is for this purpose that peeling gels are created. therefore providing solutions for these specific body part concerns and furthermore dissolved dead surface skin cells, sloughing them off layer by layer.

DERMAX Jeju Aloe Peeling Gel has proven to literally amazed you as it smoothens your elbows, knees and heels. It has advanced and clinically grade formulation that provides 3 key benefits:

1. Exfoliation- It gently exfoliates your elbows, knees and heels with  Papaya Enzymes and time release Retinol.

2. Whitening- It lightens skin discolorations with potent blend of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Schnewhite Licorice Extrace, and Alpha Arbutin.

3. Moisturizing- Organic Aloe Vera extract from Jeju Island in Korea is added to make your skin softer and smoother.

DERMAX Jeju Aloe Peeling Gel is recommended to be used every night before bed time. You can use this product for your Knee, Elbows and Heels. It is exclusively available in all SkinStation Clinics, Dermax Laser Clinic and Blushing Beauty branches nationwide.

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