Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life and Health Insurance , A must and should be prioritized need for you and your Love one's.

Last  October , 2016 , Coach Aya Laraya  gives us an eye opener statements  on the very essence of having to have a health and life insurance as well. For many of our late parents  and grand parents does not really had a chance to make it one of their priority in the many needs they have,   to live a life of peace and assurance prepared for their family and love one's sake..

Since we are not aware and does not give any importance on this matter, many times we regret why we don't get them such plans and insurance well in fact it is one of the major things to consider in life be it a plan , a security bond , or even just for our health .

"Our SSS and GSIS which are deducted to us cannot suffice for our immediate needs when things get worse or even just having to reach the retirement age." say's Aya. , which is the truth of the matter in this country.  Most of our low income employees and even the middle class one need to have one be it a One time payment annual insurance policy or a right plan which will suffice your need to be ensured  or have a guarantee for any kind of dilemma you may encounter in your life.

And even for the able or the High bracket income in our society needs it specially when it comes to real property estate and its taxes that is needed to be paid in specially for the inheritance transfer that their children would be having to pay for the latter part. It is far more better if we should ensure that it will be transferred rather it be lost and not be used by your love ones.

But what is important I think is what He say's that in getting such insurance and its policies it should be on a credible , tested , and trusted Insurance company such as Sun Life Financial Phils.,  having it known internationally and being in the business for the longest time and being always on the top 5 on the list of Insurance and Financial Investments..

 Because whether we like it or not there are those companies that are Fly by Night specially those who may give a much lower payments, they may be having their Official Receipts but are not officially having their business as it should be but they just buy you insurance  on other companies and it is considered as a third party , which is not safe for the buyer . 

As for me, as I may have such opportunities to have it , I will be more than willing enough to have such policy whenever it is necessary to be in the right proper time .

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