Monday, February 15, 2016

Indulge with Asian Cuisine at Mian

With its purpose of providing an excellent after-office unwinding experience, situated at one of the finest 5 Star Hotels in Manila, the New Grand Ballroom of Manila Marriott Hotel.Mian Restaurant will keep you pleasant satisfaction with a wide array of Asian food choices.

Marriott Manila never fails to impressed its hotel visitors with its classy ambiance for a casual lunch or dinner with the people you love, so many choices among your list surrounded with international cuisine from all over like Chinese, Japanese and most of it is Filipino cuisine.

Last January just this year, its very timely that i spent my pre-birthday celebration with Manila Marriott newest restaurant, Mian! I happen to celebrate it with few of my closest friends who loves food.  

For starters you can order your food in Small plates. One of the most favorite dish customer order is the Pork Jiaozi.and Sausage Empanada  consist of chineese chorizo, soy calamansi lime dip, which consist of local sausage , egg and vinegar dip.

For soup and noodles the Chef's Beef Noodles , which consists of slow braised beef, corlander, been sprouts and rice noodles.

Customers will also go for a Rice Bowls and get to try Beef Caldereta. The food is one of their best Filipino dish with a twist of a spice .

For Desserts are the most popular Halo-Halo and Mango Pudding.
 Here are more of their menus that we have tasted

  Braised Pork Belly Noodles

Stir Fry Clams
Pork Adobo

 If you want to Indulge and Experience Asian Cuisine that revolves their sets of dishes per month try Mian Restaurant of Marriott Manila - Inside The Grand Ballroom.

 Visit them on their Facebook ManilaMariott.

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