Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Brilliant Day with Crema Cafe

Crema, the newly opened cafe located at the newest Marriott Grand Ballroom. offering a selection of local signature pastries, unique cake creations, freshly baked cookies and sandwiches. they also serves non beverages like tea, soda's and even smoothies, at Crema, they all have it.

You can choose different hefty food from their counter with a wide array of sweets and get to take home for your family.

This is one of their best among' all their endeavors because of their known Chef's that is world class and most of all , awarded as one of the best cakes, pastries and chocolate sculptures in Manila. (the photo is from the previous event of Marriott Manila)
You cant go wrong with Marriott's distinct choice of furniture's that matches the mood while enjoying your desserts with your friends. The ambiance is perfect both for business meetings or catching up with your friends.

 Strawberry Tart
 White Chocolate Brownie

 Flourless Chocolate Feuilletin
 Chocolate Chip

Yoghurt with my selected toppings, and  Hot Cafe Latte

If you are near Manila in front of Philippine AirLines  Domestic  Terminal 3 Pasay City , visit Crema at Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom .

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