Monday, August 3, 2015

Samsung Digital Appliances Fifth Cooking Workshop with Chef Ernest Gala



Last July 31, 2015, Samsung Philippines  through its Digital Appliance held a cooking workshop at their Kitchen with the theme “Cozy Cooking Recipes for the Rainy Days”

IMG_0411I am humbled to be one of the thorns among the Mommy bloggers who participated the event and It so happened that I was one who wants to cook and prepare a meal for the family.


The first recipe that was being introdiced and taught to us is on How to prepare Carbonara by the use of Samsung Digital Microwave and it was one of the most easy kind or preparation I have ever experience in my entire cooking life.

IMG_0465The second recipe, the Chicken pie which is one of my favorite , though mashed potato is one of the ingredient as replacement for the dough , the ingredients that was being presented together with the exact spices put into it was perfectly being measured and meticulously given .

As I tasted and decided to be my dinner for the day ,though the cooking was done with a Multicookier Microwave of Samsung  I am so much impressed and was so shocked for the taste that you would not taught maybe because it was just being almost a fast food process. But the experience was so helpful and was perfectly right for this fast phased life that we lived in.

This is one that should be given attention and kind of technology that is too good to be true….

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