Friday, April 17, 2015

Reminiscing Hotel Bella Monte, Away from the Noise of the City

It was during Holy week of 2015 where we find a place , a Hotel, a fortress  not so far from the Metro where most of the clients are foreigners , foreign families and couples who just want to rest,  stay away from the noise of the city and make the day memorable for the stay they made in a day or even a week..
Nowadays,  there’s a lot of Hotels we see around who just gives simple and just a place to sleep , yet cannot give us the aura and experience of having to really rest  and find peace with the kind of surroundings and community you have chosen.
Though the place is old-fashioned the elegance and its authentic furniture’s which cannot be discounted in any way. It’s a Spanish type of furnishings that has been kept and take cared of for decades.
The pool is absolutely good and was perfectly made for quantity of people specially the children who wants to enjoy the hot summer temperature .
The room is perfectly fit for couples with an extra bed for a kid or a relative that  have joined the travel. I personally recommend Hotel Bella Monte near Bo. Baretto in Olongapo City.

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