Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Bohol’s Learning Adventure , A Secret to Success , “Know 4 of the Top Pillars "

Bohol is one of the most stricken provinces here in our nation, the Philippines.  In fact the last Earthquake that struck the province is almost one year and a half ago. Many major structures including churches, old buildings, Natural Resources and of course multiple of homes have been devastated and in one way or the other  was affected be it on a major or just a minor one.
Just 2 weeks ago, the last week of January, 2015 , Bohol Travel fare Festival , held in Glorietta Makati , was one of the most sought after travel destinations considering that this time they have been recovered and has been fully  utilizing all their efforts and resources to show and share the world on how they conquered such kind of tragedies.
Likewise,  for the whole world to know many of their people’s unique kind of stories that would help many provinces and nations on Asia or even the world for such an opportunity to shine and make a difference embodying the country of the Philippines as a whole for such unique opportunity of course helped by many kinds of Organization such as  Government and Non-Govt. Organizations in the World, Churches of many kinds, Institutions of every nations and even Anonymous and known Individuals that gives support and continuous helped  as much as that they can do even up until the present.
Taken at Amorita Beach Resort with the PR  Ms. Andrea Echavez
February 4-6, 2015 , I was fortunate to be one of the Bloggers that visits and see the place and for such a limited number of days alloted and given . We have seen such  great places that was being re-plinish and re-built in this past succeeding span of time.
Thanks to Air Asia Philippines for sending us to Bohol, through the DOT , Ms. Andrea, Echavez and Ms. Carol Tolentino .
Taken at Momo Beach Resort with the Manager Ms. Carla Samaniego
Momo Beach Club , in Tagbilaran Bohol  gives us a Super kind of experience through the nice ambience of their resort making it more relaxing to have an enticing pool, and of course through their hospitable and kind hearted staffs who has given us perfect and undeniable a truly Boholonian type of characters we get as we have been there 3days and 2 nights.
For such a kind of work as we have , as a writer we need this kind of solace experience far from the multiple people who wants to rock, party and just enjoy their feast which is evident in every big Beach Resorts in the country.
Here are the 4 Pilars  :
Man Made Forest at Bilar Bohol
Some time ago, Bohol’s ancestor together with its people  have an instinct difference and a very exclusive approach that no other  group has ever done for the protection of the people from any kind of dangers specially by Natural Disasters. They plant Mahogany trees side by side in a 2km Road at Bilar Bohol and all of this was once been a great effort of a group of Politically inclined individuals who has surprisingly have done a great long term solution for the people around the community.
American Ambassador Philip Goldberg exclaimed. "Why are you doing this?" he asked. "We are treating our customers as special and honored guests," I replied. "Does Shell know this?" he inquired further. "Yes," I said. Thank you Ambassador for the visit., Get from Rey’s Facebook
Shell Petroleum retailer Rex Carampatana, a franchisee of Shell Gasoline Station located in Cebu South Road in Lawa-an, Talisay, is embarking into a concept that answers the call from the tourism industry, to provide decent comfort room, and lounge for motorists or tourists’ especially in the stop-over facilities. - See more at: Such a good model and teaching us to stretch out and be excellent on what we do.
A Striving and A Dreaming Student
Dalareich Polot- “The Chocolate Princess”
Studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship at University of Asia and the Pacific and  University of San Carlos - Cebu and CVSCAFT-Tagbilaran City Campus, who got an Scholarship Representing the Philippines,  regarding Chocolate making at Belguim Canada through her effort and kind of trying to be more resourceful having such family business of Tablea maker in Tagbilaran Bohol.
Today, She started to do things more advance and different though through some manual process yet meeting the standards of what she have learned and taught of.
Carlito Pizarras is known in Corella as the Tarsier Man.The Tarcier is named under him  He is at present the field officer of the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Inc.(PTFI). PTFI is a non-stock, non-profit organization who has put it upon themselves to protect the tarsiers and their habitat. In fact, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) have issued a Memorandum of Agreement to the organization mandating them to implement the Philippine Tarsier Conservation Program.

Mr.  Pizzaras , has been the one who took care of this particular Tarsier Species and have found out of their characters and behaviors. Unfortunately this breed has been too sensitive, they don’t want noises , some kind of different and annoying incidence may push into a suicidal mode. Yet His love for this creatures make him do things on the right  perspective as he teach the people who oversee knows the things to do on emergency situations.

I’m sure there are lots of stories that are untold and being known by every person in this Province yet I’m so impressed on this simple journey we have in Bohol.  I would likely wanted to go back in this place if given another chance.
For more pictures on our entire  tour experience , pls click this link,

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