Friday, September 12, 2014

Uratex , Helps the Fractured body parts safe thru their Orthopedic edition

20140904154136It was during my primary school days when I was accidentally fractured on my right arm joint because of some quarrel with my older sibling. I have not dealt with it for the reason of the fear of the wrath my father that may bestowed upon us, even though the joints was actually twisted and would just normally comes back to normal if it will be turned around again by other person.
As I played sports like basketball, as have been my daily routine I always experienced my right arm disjoints time and time again just by some wrong movements that I may have done while playing.
One fine morning this was during my college years that I experience disjoints with my right arm even when I’m just lying in my ordinary bed while sleeping and that was one of the most aching and  horrible experience I had just while sleeping and being so worried I decided to tell it to a doctor and prescribed me to have a bed that is for the orthopedic which is a hard one or may decide to sleep on the floor so that I may not experience such kind of incidence once again.
Up until now I thank my imported brand Orthopedic bed for making my sleep good and not worrying to have a slip disc on my shoulder once again .
20140904154701But as I see  last weeks event that Uratex had on SM Megamall the “My Home Event with Team Kramer” and try to lay down on Uratex Orthopedic bed I find it hard yet there is that softness as if a magic in the outer skin which is obviously the foam Uratex has and I am looking forward to have this kind of bed laying around my room and doing some kind of sleep be it a siesta or full night sound sleep together with their pillows that is so soft and  very good to cuddle. This might be one of the technologies that would make Uratex known worldwide for as I talk with some of thier brand salesman ,” This particular model has its very good and high quality springs that would be more tough than other high end brands and the bed needs not to be turned around for it to be in right alignment and structures.” and this makes this product to be  different and makes it more credible brand.

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