Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Affordable yet Exquisite Seafood Hub for the Family, Holy Crab

Nowadays, you cannot see a Restaurant who gives good kind of foods Class A , A good and affordable price and its kind of Asian cooking  specially when it talks about sea foods and talking about the ambience of the place you don’t have to go swimming to have this kind of experience with  family and love one’s. This place does not promotes hard drinking session because they want it to be a family and relationship oriented place.
20140830154416 Mr.   Peter Tajon , one of the Master mind and owner of this company has the original concept and actually is a Surfer and is a Food Specialist , Marketing Consultant and a Businessman do believe that giving the customers the best that we can have should be the first thing that should be delivered before attaining profit and success. And this is one of his passion even before settling for a marriage relationship.
A seafood mixed with crab , shrimp, mussel squid ect,  Sinangag with Tinapa  , Tofu with Fish
          Local Sisig  (Chicken or Pork or Seafood )20140830134935 King Crab Menu
Chicken Crispies
Class A tiger Shrimp 
Class A Local Mussels
A Home made Ice Cream
All of this  Sea food  can be in different types of cooking such as Holy Carramba, Bali Coco and Garlicky Lime. And with this 3 types comes 3 kinds of  Hor  limits such as Wimpy, Hot and Wild.
We as a group enjoyed our foods here and has satisfactorily approved the quality of freshness and its kind of preparations it has for the kind of kicks and  almost same as our Asian counterparts.Though I want to try the wild one because I’s a spicy eater, yet  I should go with my spicy eating friends one time for us to taste their kind of menu. I am much more amazed on how they have given it in a very friendly price, imagined for example a Class A  Tiger Shrimp is only 400++/ lb , and  as being presented for other recipes from P299 up to P800 / serving/ lb.
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