Monday, June 23, 2014

Reinvented Roxee B, more Daring in and out of the Spotlight this month on UNO

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UNO has been one of the top selling men’s magazine on the country and last Sunday during the Toycon 2014 event. During the event, an unknown reason to other people maybe wonders why traffic has rage the streets of Ortigas , Yet I believe that the Autograph signing of Roxee  was one of  the major reason to the traffic jams that  makes the people come and buy the Issue of the Month  cover who represents  Roxee B
Even in various states of undress on the pages of this month’s issue, you can’t help but gaze at Roxee B’s face (familiar to most as the former Roxanne Barcelo).
The deceptively simple demeanor draws you in. Unlike most flamboyantly hot chicks du jour, this 15-year showbiz veteran still projects an aura of mystery you want to unravel.
Having done the teenybopper and reality show route, Roxee’s acting, singing and dancing chops have made her one of the industry’s durable stars. Resilience and work ethic are other obvious must-haves.
52-65 Roxee3
“There are no short cuts to success, there’s also no easy way to fit,” she says. “Motivation, in particular, is very important.”
It’s as if, like you, she’s still figuring herself out while having a blast in the process. After releasing an album and appearing on shows as varied as the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition and MTV Philippines’ annual VJ Hunt, Roxee took bigger risks by exploring hiphop and R&B in future music projects, and baring some skin on an Adolf Alix Jr. film. She’s also not shy about sharing herself, from her newfound love, fellow PBB alum Will Devaughn to her more intimate moments on social media.
“I just decided to accept myself for what I am,” she admits. And we can’t wait how she’ll surprise us next.
The rest of the beauties on UNO’s current lineup are equally beguiling. There’s OneFC’s Christine Hallauer and former General Luna frontwoman, Nicole Ascensio.
She’s just one of several singer/songwriters on our pages our top local musicians use about their all-time favorite OPM albums and influences. We also give you the reading equivalent of a backstage pass to one of the country’s hottest music festivals, Wanderlust.
And because we know that it’s the rockers and athletes who always get the girl, we sought advice from rising actor Alwyn Uytinco, star of the groundbreaking series Beki Boxer, on how to raise our game in love and live.
These stories and more tell us that it pays to move to your own beat. Find yours in this month’s issue.
UNO magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

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