Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sprinto’s Brand Ambassadors Contract Signing

Last December 12, 2013  Sprinto, Philippines, we the Fashion, and Sports bloggers were invited at Sprinto;s Brand Ambassadors Contract Signing that was held on their office at Makati City , with Mr. Pawlo Misolas, Marketing Director. The brand was started as a Watch brand in Hong Kong and has since then been established as an expert in creating extraordinary watches, Sprinto also prides itself with creating top of the line quality eye wears since launching their collection in Manila, 2002, says Mr. Misolas.
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The Brand Ambassadors that we covered are Jed Montero , James Martinez , Gilas Gary David,  TeeJay Marquez and Carlos Agassi. It was a nice and simple contract signing ,chatting , and just them simply enjoying and likes very much the Sprinto’s eyewear products which you cannot ignore , they almost choose all the new products that fits and is comfortable with them.
Sprinto offers not only top of the line quality, but beauty and practical functionality as well. Sprinto believes in bringing utmost comfort and safety to all its custoners, sparing nothing less than the best colors, design and quality, while still making it unbelievably affordable.
Here are the  top three eyewear that I like best.. This eyewear’s are for the on the go, sports, active and for biking that will fit my lifestyle and activities. The glass are polarize that even if your in the dark room or car you can see almost the same as you were not wearing any dark glasses and a non polarized yet made up for high impact materials that would be more durable for  the said lifestyles. The frames of such models are made up of materials that would take the perspiration and would not fade the color of the unit. And most of all since its for active people it is so light that you may not feel wearing anything compared to any pair of glasses .
Presently, Sprinto eye wears are available in major fashion hubs such as Manila, Dubai, Singapore and Hongkong. Watch out for more Sprinto international hubs nearest you
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