Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dining with Classy Filipino inspired & Adopting new concepts on Dishes



What name can we ever think of good Filipino  food and dishes ever served in every tables of our home tendered with the love of the Queen at home other than “ MESA “. A very classic and new way of doing some family bonding and just wanting to relax after any church meetings , weekend family affairs or weekdays daily grinds of life. This time We the Wazzup Pilipinas Bkiggers goes to Robinson Magnolia MESA near the Corridors of the Mall.



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Baked Scallops with Garlic  Butter, Tinapa Roll with Spicy vinegar dip , Crispchon: one way wrapped in pandan crepe with wansuy and leeks served with 3 sauces - Rikki's choice, Mayo Garlic, Spicy Pork Liver,   second way is sautteed in chili and garlic,   Soup - Sinigang salmon head,  Main Course - Prawns sauteed with salted egg,  Baby Squid in Olive oil and Garlic and. Pinatayong Manok,  Crispy Bonesless Tilapia served with Four sauces: Honey Bagoong, Sweet Chili Sauce, Spicy vinegar, Special soy Vinaigarette sauce, . Suahe in the rocks, .Crispy Boneless Tapa,  Laing Two Way : Dry and with Gata, . Special Rice : Tinapa Rice, Bagoong Rice
Dessert: Turon with Langka ice cream and Crispy leche plan. And this are just only most of the favorite dishes but there are a lot of choices you may have wanted to order from.




As I wander around I see a lot of a unique furnishings that you can compare to a home a grandeur one , very local in style yet so elegant and more of a modern Filipino home should be.



Thanks for the graced and  warmth welcome of Mr. Alex Zuzon , Operations Director of all MESA  branches. He has been there for almost 2 years and has been working in the US 3 years ago managing Resto’s and Hotels and would just want to give his spare time to his Homeland  working for its benefit. 

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