Sunday, March 10, 2013

C3 “ Love is always on the Air”


Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to wake up every Monday mornings and go to work with a smile?  Have you been on a work environment where every month seems to be love month?


This is one of the secret of C3 BPO here in our country and the rest of their global office in the world. They give a twist to their working environment and make it as close as they can be ,Always smiling , helping each other and most of all working as a TEAM They do cater in many fields such as technical services, customer relations , bookings and other related businesses that needs assistance for that matter.


Directors are in every floors on every working environment departments  so that immediate actions may be done for every needed decisions. For every departments they are being closely monitored by their supervisors to supervise them just to make sure that they are doing things right . They treat their employees as their family and support them in any way they can help and give them proper training and most of all incentives to every goals they have achieved and even for little things they are reward , for example chocolates  ect.


So why put yourself in boredom and loneliness while working be a part of C3 family and you will not regret of doing so.

C3/CustomerContactChannels is a global provider of contact center services unlike any other in the market today. Services include sales, service, performance optimization, reputation management and complete customer interaction management via traditional, web, and emerging communication channels. C3 positively engages and promotes our clients’ brands with every contact we make with their customers. With a global team that is thousands of employees strong, the company is headquartered in Plantation, FL.  More information can be found at and
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