Thursday, March 21, 2013

Agico “ Healthy Food Alternative”



Nowadays choosing the right kind of foods , having a good nutritional impact for our bodies are one of the most expensive means when it comes to eating right and without any guilt.

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With AGICO you can be sure of having it all , its just like doing the right things in the home with the whole family enjoying those kinds of stuff within your household. It was very true with the mother daughter tandem and  in a very reasonable price as well.

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As I come in the place I see different kind of themes per section , and it is just like a house who has its own unique type wherein if you are with your officemates  a business kind of ambience , and If you are with your special someone a  very romantic place to be with. , and specially if your with your family with kids a very educational and informative place where you can see how nutritious and delicious their menus are.

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I cannot help myself but eat and finish all what they have served and prepared for us. It was a wonderful experience and it so happen that the place is too far from me , but I would recommend this restaurant that gives good food and healthy alternatives specially for the Filipino families who loves to eat more as they want to.


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