Thursday, March 23, 2017

FAST Service and being Trustworthy is their concern @ Zoom Courier,

Zoom Courier one the fastest growing delivery system in the country have started the business with a reason that would make it big in the industry.  Having a core pf value that spells F.A.S.T. which means having Faith in God which is a good foundation of every business or organization , A -Accountability that would make them more reliable even with little things, Security – which make honesty as one of their key principles  in every transactions, and T-as in Trustworthiness as their pool as they do their job whichever task they are assigned.

Just for a period of 1 year , they actually gained respect and business from various organizations and businesses such as Shoppee, Pfizer, Beauty MNL, Storm Benefits, Takatack, Belle de Jour, Cole Vintage, Snug a Hug, Keimav, Magnet Manila, Vapebox ph, Below SRP, and many other brands and even on line personalities that have their products needed to be shipped, or their businesses to go on with reliability because of its Value proposition of making it sure to have the NEXT day delivery, Accurate Status Feedback and No Other Charges , because everything can be picked up within Metro Manila.

They are currently making every transaction done in their Website and every text messages digitally and concise in their system. They have their effective manual process of checking and assuring that they will heed every form of problems they may encounter, 

Yet today, They already have their website for applications and some important matters arising every transaction,  they are in the process of launching their Apps both in Android and IOS making it more systematic and more easier way to be checked and confirmed by their clients.

Furthermore, a company that would care to serve the larger population of every country most of them specially the big ones has proved to succeed and expand in every area they may have conquered. May Zoom proves this as they go on with their goals of YOUR TRUST , OUR BUSINESS.

You may check their Website at
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Call them of cellphone 0995-135-0340

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