Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lancaster choose 17 couples for the 1st Kasalang Bayan held at Lancaster New City Cavite

In Celebration of Pro-Friends 17th year, 2016 marks the 1st from Lancaster New City "May Forever Libreng Kasalan . Continuously seeks to deliver on its mission of valuing the core of Family as one of the basic foundation in our society. by having a civil ceremony, it will strengthen more of the relationship.

With this, Lancaster pre-selected 17 couples among many participants that would have this one in a lifetime chance and opportunity to be married in the Church sponsored  by Lancaster. Happened last July 30, 2016 held at the Church of the Holy Family and Leighton Hall for the venue of the reception.

The theme for the reception is simple yet elegant. The perfect combo of the color makes the mood more pleasant and romantic.

 During the reception at the Leighton Hall the couples were serenaded by a group of musician  which gives highlights of every momentum. you can see their happy faces while their dancing.  

"Age doesn't matter, haters don't matter." --- the very words uttered by Jocelyn when they hear different opinions on her relationship with Jone, 12 years younger than her.  Their love for each other proves that love is timeless, and ageless.

Most of the couple has their unique story to tell . As being chosen by the Lancaster group , every couple has its own identity and kind of love that you would love to know and learn from. 

Beside the Matrimonial Ceremony held by a priest each couple will receive a pre-nuptial photoshoot with hair and makeup, souvenirs, wedding cake, bouquette, boutonnieres, arrhae, and a wedding reception of 10 guests per couples.

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