Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Samsung Digital Cooking Experience with Chef Earnest Gala


IMG_6876 Last Friday, I have had another chance to experience the 6th Samsung Digital Experience with Chef Earnest Gala who seem to have wisely and magnificently engineered the taste of every kind of cooking a specific dish through Samsung’s Digital Multi Cooker.

IMG_6878 IMG_6895

This time Chef Earnest dwells on Italian dish the  Linguine Pasta with Crab Fat which is so good and the Chicken Tomato with Mozerella.


For me the amazing part is the Chicken because for a total of  12 minutes the chicken was being cooked well and It was one of the most amazing part for a microwave size of Multicooker can do specially with Samsungs brand.

For a Single or Married Guy this kind of cooking will be one of the wisest option considering  the work load that you may have for the day. Its just almost preparing a Fast Food menu but with this a very hearty kind of meal that you may ever have had in this fast paced world we live in.

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