Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Italian Mode at Mille Luce or An American Style at Cottonwoods Antipolo



Antipolo being one of the coldest part in Metro Manila besides Tagaytay, Having Crown Asia’s most elegant homes built on this area has make the city more productive and brought the people into realization that you can have good living within this community.


Mille Luce , Meaning “A Thousand Lights” in Italian, Mille Luce is located atop the verdant hills of Antipolo, where one can have a breathtaking view of the city lights once the sun sleeps.


Mille Luce offers the privilege of luxurious living that’s right within your means. Choose among its exquisite model homes – the Portia, Sophia, Dione, Umbriel, and Europa, all Italian-inspired to add to the romantic feel of living atop the hills, and at night, amidst the gorgeous city lights.


We arrived at this place late in the afternoon and we are amazed of their big Clubhouse and Facilities. including the pool . It was situated at the Middle of the whole place and its elevated enough overlooking to see the whole part of the said area.


IMG_4576 IMG_4577


Checking up on how you would like to set up your visitors place, dining area, and of course the dirty kitchen in a very Italian custom concept.


Home in the Heart of the City. The name “Cottonwoods” inspires imaginings of vast fields covered in cotton shrubs swaying gently in the breeze amid a crystal blue sky.
Come home to your American-inspired suburban sanctuary in Antipolo City, a remarkable place so close to Metro Manila but where you can enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of nature.

The homes at Cottonwoods have a gentle quality to them, an attractiveness that never goes out of style. Serenely beautiful homes that embody the Good Life. The clutter and noise of life in the metropolis can sometimes overcome you but come home to your abode at Cottonwoods and feel instantly refreshed and centered.


11160527_10206484318087112_9247664_n An Awesome American way of life you will be wanting to occupy and have it as your own today on Cottonwoods.

11145993_10206484318807130_2133862856_nAnd how the Master bedroom  looks like within the American concepts and taste.

Calista (86 sqm) Calista DH/UH (86 sqm) Bellini (91 sqm) Pearl (93 sqm) Daniela (104 sqm) Daniela DH/UH (104 sqm) Martini (109 sqm) Sapphire (110 sqm) Dorina UH (116 sqm) Doina DH (112 sqm) Torelli (119 sqm) Emerald (143 sqm) Murano (155 sqm) Beryl (177 sqm) Lladro (211 sqm)
Carmela (65 sqm) Carmina DH/ UH (65 sqm) Drina (83 sqm) Dorina DH/UH ( 83 sqm) Rossi (84 sqm)

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