Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mariotts New Year Blogger’s Party

Just recently, January 28, 2015 to be exact Mariott Hotel Manila Celebrate New Year Bloggers Party and  this time was a very memorable event for me because it was my Birthday with the activities that are going to happen would make the whole night very interesting and exciting .IMG_5414  The lobby was so elegantly displayed  with an arts and curved personification of anything of what the artist has  dreamed of.
During the night, Ms. Michelle Garcia , Head of the Marketing Communication Dept. explains to us the reason that coincides with the New Years Bloggers Party which is the Prelude to the opening of the much awaited Grand Ballroom of Mariottt which will cater to 2,500.00 persons in one big function hall , one of the most biggest and  exquisite type of event place that is too good to be true , Hand in hand is the World renowned pastry Chef  Anil Rohira  through CREMA  that will be opened at Mariott Grand Ballroom and,  their New Toilet Amenities which is THANN
Marriott Hotels has partnered with THANN to bring a new amenities line, Aromatic Wood Collection, in Marriott properties throughout the Americas and Asia.
The collection will be available in all Marriott Hotels properties throughout the US and Canada by the end of October 2013 and inLatin America and Asia by the end of 2013.
In addition to being in Marriott Hotels’ guestroom bathrooms, the Aromatic Wood Collection will also be available for purchase on
•    Aromatherapy Shampoo (8.45 fl. oz.) - $26
•    Aromatherapy Conditioner (8.45 fl. oz.) - $26
•    Body Lotion (11.15 fl. oz.) - $36
•    Aromatherapy Shower  Gel ( 11.15 fl. oz.) - $29
•    Rice Bran Oil Soap Bar (3.5 oz.) - TBD
•    Aromatherapy Hand Wash (8.45 fl. oz.) - $19
The night were filled with games ,contest, surprises and of course Raffles. With the amount of bloggers who comes to this party does not go home empty handed. The minimum prize that  we had is a Cake which is one of their trademark specialties, then a set of THANN products, Lunch or Dinner Buffet for two, and for the Social Media contest they give 2 Overnight Stay at Mariott Hotel.
mariottcafe mariottcafe2
          mariottcafe3 mariottcafe4
And of course after all the exciting games and contests as always Mariott does not fail to make us feel special when we dined  be it Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Mariott’s Cafe who have the most delectable , seasoned and even food that would give us a more healthier and good perspective in our lifestyle.
And Lastly, Thanking the Management and Staff  for the Singing, Greetings , Special Pizza and Cake that was prepared for every  Celebrant that would dined in the said Cafe. Having such feeling of Exclusivity and Belongingness.

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