Tuesday, June 11, 2013

“Dance of the Steelbars”, Special Screening



I watched the screening of Dance of the Steelbars at SM Megamall and If there is a movie that is to be shown and be related to Independence Day , It should be this one. It is a true story of a Cebu inmate named Mando who grew up without knowing his father and was reared up by a mother who is a Dance Instructress .


And as He encountered any problem and difficulties he divert those feelings by the very thing he is inspired and wanting do all his life. He accidentally killed a partner in dancing , a gay while in the mode of dancing  while trying to molest him, that brings him to jail. Together with Him is a man in the person of Patrck Bergin known as Frank Parish who has been a victim of injustice while he just want to help a man who was just knifed by an unknown killer.


A reform was made in the prison at Cebu National Imprisonment when the  PNP Head  installed another Chief in the district in the person of Ricky Davao known as Warden Rodrigo who wants to set from the mode of  fighting  and revenge to  a different one, a more productive one. Then he found out that one man can do it through dancing.through the help of Mando’s gay friend.

Its an inspirational kind of story brought by GMA films that should give inspiration and hope  to the people outside the prison but more  specially to the inmates on the prison cells that there are still hopes for a bright and meaningful future in whatever circumstance we may be in.

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