Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CDC Holdings Inc., We Make It Happen



The first ever community structured through series of high rise buildings ever built , planned and implemented in the Philippine settings. And through this a whole subdivision condominium can cater a whole barangay  which comprise of OFW’s, Mid class people,  and most of the hard working people in the society.


cdc2   The key is connectivity.  Whether for our work or our personal lives, we all want and need to be within reach.  CDC Holdings Inc., one of the most recognized and respected leaders in the Philippine real estate industry today, know this all too well.  CDC Holdings Inc., the developer behind Manila RiverCity Residences, believes in the value of living smart.  Providing the best options to homeowners enables them to do just that – to Live Smart and Happy..

 Location, Location

Situated along the historic and scenic Pasig River in Sta. Ana, the Manila RiverCity Residences lets you experience the verve of living by the banks.  It allows you to drift through the historic and scenic beauty of Pasig River, while giving you full access to the nearby cities, thus creating an ideal median between past and present.

Enclosed by the nation’s busiest economic centers of Makati, San Juan, Mandaluyong and Manila, its adjacency to schools and universities, plus being highly-accessible through private and public transportation, has made the Manila RiverCity Residences a prime location for cosmopolitan living.


It’s Easy Being Green

The project is comprised of nine buildings ranging from 10-14 floors.  The Manila RiverCity Residences’ buildings are equipped with elevators, service stairs, 1.5 meter-wide corridors, roof decks with landing area, overhead tanks with water pump, and a standby generator for common areas.

With 62 percent of its total 14,000 square meter lot area allotted for roads, landscaped areas and amenities such as playground, pavillion and swimming pool, the Manila RiverCity Residences also aims to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle via its proposed environment-friendly features that includes: installation of solar panels, rain water catch basin, landscaped park, pavilion, water-featured landscaping, and the promotion of waste segregation.


Owning a unit at the Manila RiverCity Residences is concrete proof that premium does not always have to come with a price, and that nowis the opportune time to avail of its value.




CDC Holdings Inc. offers as low as PHP 1.1.M for a studio unit, as low as PHP 6,000 per month.  For wider market availability, a flexible payment scheme of down payment payable up to 24 months, with the balance payable up to 30 years through Pag-IBIG is also being offered, apart from the other available financing through in-house, bank or Pag-IBIG.

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