Friday, September 28, 2012

Villard’s Cup @ Starmall San Jose Delmonte Bulacan


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It was a fine Sunday afternoon in the  24th of Sept., 2012 where the last match of the games will be played by all of the most promising players of billiards from all the municipalities and town’s of Bulacan. I happened to witness the match up games of the Finalist for the afternoon.

IMG_3312 IMG_3382

2nd Placer Edwardo Lim  of Meycauyan on the left and  Edgie Geronimo of Marilao , on the right won the 1st  place.


  Both of them do their best to win the contest but so happen  that its  the turn of Edgie Geronimo who somehow got the lead and did not give any chance to Edward to steal the game.


 Mrs. Villar is the one who gives a Congratulatory talk and given the prizes steak to the 1st: Edgie Geronimo (Marilao) , 2nd: Eduardo Lim (Meycauayan) , 3rd/4th: Resty Labastida (Bocaue)/Roberto Bilicario (Sta. Maria)


A new breed of billiard players whose competence cannot just be ignored and may be given a chance to compete with the International match ifever they  will win with the past years winners of the Villar’s Cup Champions.



It was a day of  funfilled exhibition games with Efren Bata Reyes, Django Bustamante , Ronnie Elcano and Dennis Orcullo together with the 1st and second placer Edgie Geronimo and Eduardo Lim.

Here’s the Final Listing of the contenders of  Villar’s Cup Bulacan League:

1st   Edgie Geronimo (Marilao)

2nd: Eduardo Lim (Meycauayan)

3rd/4th: Resty Labastida (Bocaue)/Roberto Bilicario (Sta. Maria)

5th/6th: Kennet Matheu Garcia (Marilao)/Marlon Glinogo (Bulacan)

7th/8th: Jonas Paolo Ramos (Baliwag)/William Trinidad (Angat)

Here’s the link of my pictures of the Villar Cup @ San Jose Delmote

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