Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bloggers Night with Sponge Cola

It was a very romantic night and I am amazed at a group of a Rock band that very night  “The bloggers night with the Sponge Cola”  through Orange TV Magazine , and Universal Records ,  because they seem to be so gentle but has a classy but has powerful voice especially the lead singer YAEL. It was nice to know that they are not the typical rock band who are drug dependents, smokers and heavy drinkers. In fact, during the interview Yael the vocalist confesses that he quits smoking for voice enhancements and prolong singing . They can be a role model for their industry and specially for the youth of this age.

sponge cola

Their songs are love songs which has been personally composed yet has its unique touch and mood.Their 4th released album Araw Oras Tagpuan under Universal Records . But the band is not content to rest on is laurels yet, this is just the beginning. Composed of Yael Yuzon (vocals/guitar), Erwin Armovit (lead guitar), Gosh Dilay (bass) and Tedmark Cruz (drums), Sponge Cola has always made its presence felt since breaking the local music scene in 2002 via Madonna’s Crazy for you.
In the past nine years, Sponge Cola has gone from nowhere to full-pledged phenomenon on the strength of its three best-selling albums. Palabas (2004), Transit 2006 and Sponge Cola 2008. Only one of the few bands that couldn’t help but hit.

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