Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Blogger's Blowout w./ Orange Magazine TV & Astroplus Phils.

It was 6pm of Sept. 3 when we arrived at Greenbelt 5 for the 1st Blogger's event of Orange Magazine and Astroplus through the direction and leadership of Jeman Villanueva w/ Ms. Mhel BlankPixel Ignacio . For  Part 3 Tech/ Gadget Blogger . It so happened that the movie blogger's are not yet  finished and we waited till the end of their part. The food that was being catered are all good and delicious. It was a successful night indeed while the Headsets in particulars together with some audio gadgets such as Ipod docks  ect . c/o  Pioneer, Bose, Beats  and v-Jays Lifestyle Headphones and the new product of Magic Sing are being presented , Beats by LG TVBeats by Dr. Dre, Aerial 7, Bose, Jays earphones, Igo, TDK, Imation, Cyber Clean, Audio Technica, Philipps, . Almost all of the participators received a token from the sponsors.  Again, congratulations to the coordinators and editors of the event. Thank you for your support for the new blogger like us.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for attending our event. It would be nice if we can read more from your experience during the event. And if you need photos, maybe we can provide you some. Thanks!